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Cancer, Redefined

Catherine Boulay Foundation Learn About Cancer

“Before we start, when you talk to us about how you plan to take care of my wife’s cancer, make sure that you use language and terms we all understand,” said every husband of every patient I have… Read More

The Peer-to-Peer Consultation: you are not my peer.

Catherine Boulay Foundation: The Peer-to-Peer Consultation

I am a GYN Oncologist. I work in the high stakes realm of cancer care. I strategize complex treatment plans involving surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and the newer biological agents to treat the myriad of disease that we call… Read More


Catherine Boulay Foundation: Trust

“I love a happy ending,” Mary Clancey said as we completed our interview documenting the surgical removal of her 140-pound ovarian cancer. It is, however, the beginning of our story, the development of a trusting doctor-patient relationship, that… Read More

Close to Home Concert

Catherine Boulay Foundation Close to Home: Songs and Lessons of Cancer Survivorship Concert

Songs and Lessons of Cancer Survivorship Performed by Rick Boulay, MD Miller Symphony Hall Allentown, PA Saturday, April 29th • 7 pm | Buy tickets! Sunday, April 30th • 3 pm | Buy tickets! Donation $25 Join us… Read More

“Close to Home: Cancer Survivorship”, A Series Borne of Need

Catherine Boulay Foundation: Close to Home Video Series

I was the guy with the answers. The man with a plan. I prided myself on my listening skills. My attention to the details of my cancer patients’ journeys. My humanity. But pride goeth before the fall. Surgical… Read More