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The New Abnormal: How a Regular Person Becomes a Doctor

Catherine Boulay Foundation Learn About Cancer

I was normal… once. I went to parties. I ran. I carried on normal conversations, like a normal person. I laughed easily. Then my acceptance to medical school arrived with a 48-hour deadline to accept and 2 weeks… Read More

Cancer, Redefined: Survivor

Catherine Boulay Foundation Learn About Cancer

sur•vi•vor (sərˈvīvər/) noun : A person who is able to live their life despite experiencing difficulties. “I can’t wait to get through my cancer treatment so I can go on living my life. I want to be a… Read More

Cancer Changes Everything

Catherine Boulay Foundation: The Power of a Word

I would have been very happy being a GYN oncologist. A doctor taking care of patients. Even in an era of snark and dissatisfaction and burnout, there still remains something quite noble in caring for another individual.