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Moving On

Need introduction.

End of Life Issues

Making peace and finding solace—these are lofty goals for all of us during our lifetimes, and they become more important to us as we near the end of our lives.

This portion of your journey is intertwined with deep emotion: fear, anxiety, and helplessness. Yet, there is so much work to be done. Reconciling a lifetime of experiences including extremes of joy, sorrow, guilt, and anger requires tremendous introspection and personal growth. This is difficult at the best of times and even more difficult when you are not feeling well.

It will come.

You can depart this world with grace and dignity. You can leave those around you with constant reminders of a life well lived and lessons well learned. Your gift to them will be the many blessings of a shared journey and the reassurance that you all will be okay. This section will help you arrive at a tranquil and peaceful place.