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Journey Through Cancer

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles… begins with a single footstep.

When facing cancer or caring for someone who is, the journey often feels overwhelming and never ending. So how do you begin a cancer journey you never asked to take, feel totally unprepared to travel and have no idea of the pitfalls along the way or even where you’ll end up? The answer is the same… with a single step. The Journey through Cancer online community provides a platform for individuals who have traveled or are traveling along this path to share their collective wisdom and guidance.

What is the Journey through Cancer online community?

The online community is a gathering place of those whose lives have been touched, in some way, by cancer. It is a place to share our collective experience and wisdom so that we may all grow and benefit from others’ experiences. We feel that the lessons learned along each journey can be invaluable to other cancer survivors or caregivers traveling similar paths. Likewise, offering advice gained from your personal journey can be rewarding knowing that others may enjoy the benefit of your experiences.

What does the Journey through Cancer online community provide me?

  • Wisdom of those who already have made the journey
  • Convenience of seeking guidance or sharing concerns at any time from anywhere
  • Safety to discuss difficult topics anonymously
  • Mentorship for those wishing to counsel others
  • Story telling, or blogging, for those who wish to share their stories
  • Hope for quality living for those touched by cancer

Journey through Cancer online community is supported by The Catherine Boulay Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization whose mission is to support your journey through cancer. We believe that collectively, we have the means to prevent cancers through education, increase cure rate through research, and most importantly, improve the quality of life of those with cancer and their families by collectively sharing love, kindness, support and wisdom.